Happier, Healthier, Balanced.

Common client results include; better body tone and muscle definition, reduced anxiety, improved sleep,
positive outlook, feeling good about food, weight loss, habit changes.

Health Coach

As a Health Coach, I empower others to act through inspiration, motivation, and education.

Behavior Change

As a Behavior Change Specialist, I encourage small habit changes that provide long term health and lifestyle benefits.

Weight Loss

Health and wellness is not just about food and exercise. By assessing things such as, sleep, perspective, surroundings, I can help find you a path to the happiest you!


My personal weight loss journey, along with years of research have prepared me to help you lose the extra pounds for good and discover how food can be your ally.

Recent Recipes

Good Health starts in the kitchen! Check out Lisa’s Recipe Box and start eating on purpose!

Personalized Health coaching Specializing in Behavior Change and Weight Loss. As
a Certified Health Coach I provide Support guidance and education to a path of
optimal health, wellness and lifestyle.

Individual, Group, and Family Plans are available.

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What our clients say

Working with Lisa was beneficial in so many ways! Together we created a daily plan that included delicious, whole foods and some personal practices to boost my confidence and focus. Instead of stressing about food, I started to look forward to meal planning, and my hunger was more satiated than it had been in ages. Within days of adjusting my diet, my anxiety was greatly reduced. Within two weeks, I started to lose weight at a healthy, sustainable rate. By the end of our month together, I found that by not spending so much time worrying about what to eat and what not to eat, I was better able to focus on other arenas of my life that needed some attention.

Lisa is honest, funny, knowledgeable, and has a no-nonsense approach that makes it easy tomake good choices and stick with them.

—Kari, lifelong circus performer and dancer

I recently started a program with Lisa. I was feeling unhealthy and unhappy with my weight. After following her food recommendations, I saw results that very day! I experienced more energy and I slept more hours in the night then I had in a long time. It’s definitely a challenge, but Lisa stands by you and checks on you the entire way, making adjustments and educating me along the way. I’m so grateful that since I started Lisa’s program, I haven’t had any stomach issues for the first time in years. That alone is worth all the effort. My clothes are fitting looser and the scale number is dropping!

Far exceeded expectations and we aren’t even finished!

—Tiffany, ranch hand