Coach Lisa Strawther's Story

As a 48-year-old Health Coach, food has been a lifelong journey for me. I have been modifying my diet for decades. Early on, it was silliness, like at 10 years old, when my family got chickens. I stopped eating eggs because I no longer could be a part of (what I thought was) the baby chicken massacre. Oblivious to the difference between “fertilized” vs “not fertilized eggs,” my boycott began. There was also my short stint working at Burger King at 15 years old. I abandoned beef because my experience with meat there “grossed me out” (to use the words of my younger self).

At age 34 I was an obese size 14/16 with high cholesterol and potentially cancerous polyps, who already had a couple of colonoscopies already under her belt. I was on a path to health issues and a life of prescription drugs and side effects. NO WAY.

I started small. Removing fast food and soda had an instant, obvious effect on my body. Voila! I DO have control! This inspired a new direction and perspective for me. At the time, I was working a high stress job in finance. The sense of control and the mental clarity my lifestyle changes gave me led to make other changes in my life. Recognizing that I am an artist and creative at heart and a world of numbers was never for me, I left my finance job to work in the beauty industry, where I stayed for the next decade.

I went from traveling the country regularly and educating on stage, to a career crippled by a global pandemic. Knowing that my career in the beauty industry would not be sustainable, I began a health coaching program at National Academy of Sports Medicine and earned three certifications: Health Coach, Behavior Change Specialist, and Weight Loss Specialist. This training (along with years of accumulating knowledge on my own about food, oils, evolution, hormones, yoga, and mindfulness) prepared me to be the coach I have dreamt of becoming. I am now in a place where I can make a difference on a grand scale. I can help people to the path of healthy, which naturally leads to happy, which ultimately blooms into beauty.

My health and mindset are a direct reflection of my evolution, and I have continued on this path passionately. It requires not only willpower and determination, but an understanding of nutrition and your body. But anyone can do it…if they choose.

Ultimately what I offer is a lifestyle choice, not a diet or fad. This is a way to live. Let me be the guide on your health journey. It takes time to get from loving that bowl of pasta to loving yourself more than any food.

I will help.

What we do and why we do it that way

As a health coach I have a passion for helping others find a path to health and happiness. I lead by example and empower others to act through motivation, inspiration and education. Encouraging growth into a healthier lifestyle, developing health goals, identifying nutrient gaps and showing clients how to eat on purpose, while offering guidance on lifestyle and overall wellbeing.

Begin your journey today